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IMproved QUality SOlutions  
Welcome at the ImQuSo website.

ImQuSo  -   IMproved QUality SOlutions   is created in 2008 by Peter van de Kerkhof.

The company focus is on quality assurance and process improvement for projects related to software.
This is to be expected as I have been involved in product- and software- quality from 1978 onwards and still am (see

For me personaly this boils down to: "IMproved QUality SOlutions on the floor".
And I really mean: Doing improvement with both feet firmly rooted on the production floor, to operate as a teammember and to implement tuned improvements in a pragmatic way to improve product and process quality.
My passion-for and knowledge-of the profession of software/hardware development- and management- processes enables me to communicate on a 'technical' level with my colleagues.
This gives me the leniency and credibility to create joint improvements, But more important to get them accepted, implemented and institutialised.

This approach is applied to both consultancy as well as training assignments that ImQuSo offers.

That this concept works, can be deducted from the list of clients that have called upon the knowledge and skills of ImQuSo.

If you need more information please contact us at ImQuSo.

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