ImQuSo: The experience profile.

The originally based electro technician has evolved through SPC and product quality via SW development to a software quality consultant.

Knowledge of the procession.

Product domains where experience is gained.

Embedded Sofware
Consumer Products:
High- Mid-end TV's,
Satellite receivers for the European and South American market,
Satellite uplink systems,
DVD recorders,
MP3 playes for runners,
Hearing glasses
Electronic newspaper reader,
Noise cancellation in cars and mobile phones,
Encription libraries for data transmissions,
Amplifiers for the automobile industry.
Medical products: Viewers for medical imaging systems,
Hospital Information Systems.
IC Development: Low power processors (incl. service organisation),
Audio transmission.
Misselenious: Software for power steering in lamps,
Process Control in the Petrochemical Industry.


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